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Music is like a language of its own, just the language you speak, or like math and other concepts. It is made of many different elements, and follows rules and guidelines to create great works of art. All these elements can be separated into their own themes, and all these themes are related to each other in a conceptual chain. To master music, you first need to understand the method and formulas for each theme, and then build your intuition through exercises and contests. Through these contests in speed and accuracy, you will greatly improve your sight-reading, proficiency, and ability to play an instrument, as well as building your motor skills and finger fitness on the keyboard.

This is unique MuKeyCo game through real music learning to helps you to achieve each milestone. You will be amazed when you discover how much your brain grows holistically well beyond music learning itself. This game is designed for all ages and ability levels. All you need to do at the start is be able to recognize the letters and numbers 1-9. Even if you don’t know how to read music yet, with our method, you will be able to easily learn and participate, and show your skills! So, are you interested in putting yourself to the test? You’ll quickly see you do have the ability to quickly hear, and to read and play music well independently. Even to new musicians, this game will be like music versions of Chess and Sudoku.

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New to music? Do not worry, just follow our guide and structured system, you will discover the many life-long benefits you gain from MukeyCo!

Our online lectures will guide you to build the sense of how to understand and play well within each theme, and will help you connect the concepts with real life components and math concepts. Also, our contests will strongly encourage accuracy, preparing them for other contests and tests you will take in the future.

After you pass each level and theme, sign up for our live virtual piano classes on zoom each month. Here, you will turn your theory knowledge into practical playing knowledge and ability, and you will be proud with how quickly you’ll be able to sight-read music independently with ease.

Enjoy our game, learn from our experienced certified teachers, grow your intelligence, and make some beautiful music!

When learning music, the most crucial stage is the very beginning! It is far more efficient, effective, and relieving when you have experienced teacher and method to guide you through the fundamentals and foundation. We are here for you, and with our successful and remarkable records of students from young to adults, we know your dream will come true.

Anyone can register for each month’s contest by 6th of the month, and they take place on the final day of the month. Final Contests are currently registered by appointment.

Monthly contests cost $28, covering three parts (Visual, Aural and Practical) plus a monthly test from the book. Add $25 for an extra sight-reading test.


There are 8 essential music themes to be mastered, all of which are vital to learning music:

Fundamentals, Intervals, Triads, Chords, Keys & Scales, Rhythm, Cadences, Keyboard Proficiency

Each theme will be divided in 5 levels. The questions will increase in difficulty and complexity in each level, and time proficiency maximums shortened in each level. You will receive a score for each part.

There will be 10 questions per section, of which there are 3 in each level.

Each level and theme will test you in three values,

Part 1: Identify the key elements through Visual testing

Part 2: Identify the key elements through Aural testing

Part 3: Identify the key elements through Playing.

You will receive each score based on accuracy. Be careful, wrong answers deduct extra points from your total, just like the SAT and other academic standards test.

The overall score will be based on three factors include

final ranking + monthly test + speed = 100 Grand Total Score for Ranking

There are additional optional sight-reading application tests available. They will include 2 given pieces for each level.

When the contestants have same score on the general session, to identify the ranking and prize stage, Sight-reading part will be added on as a tiebreaker.

Contest Optional
Theme Theory Part 1 Visual Part Theory Part 2

Aural Part

Practical Part 3

Playing Part

Total contest from part 1-3 Monthly

Test from the book.

Speed Score Extra Credit for Sight Reading Grand Total
Total Questions 10 10 10 30 36 2 pieces 10points x2
Max Score 20 points 20 points 10 points 50 points 36 points 14 points 40 extra points 100+20
Points for Correct Answer +2 +2 +1
Deductions for wrong answers -1 -1 -1


Total 10 questions for scoring based on accuracy for each part, each level, each theme


Questions Part 1 (visual) Part 2 (aural) Part 3 (play notes)
Q1 +2/-1/0 +2/-1/0 +1/-1/0
Q2 +2/-1/0 +2/-1/0 +1/-1/0
Q3 +2/-1/0 +2/-1/0 +1/-1/0
Q4 +2/-1/0 +2/-1/0 +1/-1/0
Q5 +2/-1/0 +2/-1/0 +1/-1/0
Q6 +2/-1/0 +2/-1/0 +1/-1/0
Q7 +2/-1/0 +2/-1/0 +1/-1/0
Q8 +2/-1/0 +2/-1/0 +1/-1/0
Q9 +2/-1/0 +2/-1/0 +1/-1/0
Q10 +2/-1/0 +2/-1/0 +1/-1/0
+ Time Score
Section score

Time Scores: Based on minutes and seconds – different scores for ever 30 second interval after 4 minutes.

0:00-3:59 4:00-4:29 4:30-4:59 5:00-5:29 5:30-5:59 6:00-6:29 6:30-6:59 7:00-7:29
14 points 13 points 12 points 11 points 10 points 9 points 8 points 7 points


7:30-7:59 8:00-8:29 8:30-8:59 9:00-9:29 9:30-9:59 10:00-10:29 10:30 or more
6 points 5 points 4 points 3 points 2 points 1 point 0 points

Ranking applies to each theme contest on each level info:

contest month exercise from calendar Credit with

Speed proficiency

Grand Total score
50 points 36 points 14 points 100 points

*Grand Maximum points: 100 (50 pts from competition, 36 pts from monthly calendar test, 14 pts speed extra credit)

Application in Sight-Reading Contest

Accuracy Articulation Music Flow Tempo/Style Prorate
Piece 1 /8 /3 /3 /4
Piece 2 /8 /3 /3 /4
Total /16 /6 /6 /8

Age Category as follows:

3-4 years old
50 -70
90 up


MuKeyCo Award System

There are three award categories: Theme, Founder and Mastery as well as 365 Aptitude Prize

Theme: Based on each theme’s ranking, theme for ranking.

Founder:  For anyone pass the theme in 5 levels total, will qualify to apply and enter the Founder Challenge Championship rankings.

MTE Mastery: Anyone who passes all the themes offered in all 5 levels will qualify to challenge the MTE Mastery Championship rankings.

Based on the final score listed in the following Category:

Theme in each level Ranking

MTE Founder’s Prize

MTE Mastery Prize

365 Aptitude Prize (winner is selected based on the age category for the monthly test) for the Ribbon Prize

Based on the final score of each category, it will be listed in the following stage as:

Branch— City—- State—National—International

Every stage can have multiple winners based on scores.

There are 4 Prize Classes based on the top 10 contestants with the highest scores overall for the MTE Founder and Mastery Category.

GRAND Prize (Large Gold)—Gold—Silver—Bronze Medals

Only the highest scorer will be awarded the Large Gold Medal (Grand Prize)

Three contestants from number 2-4 will be awarded the Gold Medal

Three contestants from number 5-7 will be awarded the Silver Medal

Three contestants from number 8-10 will be awarded the Bronze Medal

Prize Awards

You can apply to take the level test on each theme if you like to skip the basic level. or If you are a fast learner, you can also take designed monthly tests in less time other than standard learning time. However, if you skip the level, you won’t qualify for the final Founder and Mastery prizes. The Final test includes analysis, speech, problem-solving as well as comprehensive capabilities.


Each Level Ranking :—– post this information on the website with award i