Intensive Camp

Exam Prep Intensive

No matter any music exams you plan to take, We are here to save your time, energy and help you to be success! Through our method and approach, you will be confident and comfortable to take any tests. Give yourself at least three weeks ahead of the exam date (if you never take our theme courses, you might need to give more time to go over the foundation concepts. The course is not limited to the concepts, building logic, reading comprehension, problem solving, avoiding common errors, being careful and diligent with your work, and understanding the hows and the whys. But also apply the concepts into practical playing. Our method is unique with effective delivery to your mind and works with ease. Parents and students realize how we deliver to them are very unique way and support student’s mindset and other subjects at school.

Can you imagine with our method: Once you build solid foundation, Higher level with less engaging time.

This is opposite from no structured method or page by page learning. Find out how!

School break or Vacation One week Intensive

This program is designed for students to build good learning habits, explore instruments and develop a variety of musical skills, as well as overall aptitude and wellness in all aspects of life.

  • They will apply the music theory to play Piano, Drum, Melodion, and Sing.
  • They will feel the rhythm through the movement and conducting.
  • They will sing a song and be able to play piano while singing after the training (This is quite an accomplishment!)
  • They will learn the connections among music concepts, logic, and math.
  • They will be trained in working towards accuracy and efficiency. They will also build good learning habits, learn music and stage etiquette, and build confidence for performances and for every-day life.
  • They will learn how to recite the concepts, help each other, and work together in a positive musical environment.

Theory and Sight-Playing One week Intensive

This course will completely cover important theory subjects and will connect the concepts to practical and effective sight-reading and sight-playing. In this one week intensive, we will divide the concepts into stages (Basic to Advanced) based on your current level. You will develop your theory essentials, mindset, strategies, ability to analyze, and your ability to play your instrument. After each week, you can be comfortable playing at least 20-30 songs at sight per week!

Composition in all levels and styles

This program will give students the building blocks to creating music of their own, allowing them to develop their own voices through music. These building blocks include:

  • Motives
  • Melodies
  • Harmonies
  • Textures
  • Variations
  • Forms
  • Complexity and Expression

Not only will you be able to use these to make your own world of music and sounds, but it will open your eyes even more to existing music, and you will be able to understand more about what other composers do to create their music. After every class, you will be able to write at least one piece of music based on what you learn. And by the end, you will be able to write many pieces, and be able to continue writing in the future. Styles covered in this course will be classical, modern popular music, baroque, jazz, folk, and others based on the specific course.